A Social Emotional Resolution Activity

Try this next time emotions are escalating and you see a melt down approaching for your child or perhaps yourself. This can help bring mindfulness back to the situation.

Step 1 Parents, take a deep breath. Analyze the situation and try to think about how your child might be feeling at the moment?

Step 2 Approach your child. Say, you would like to take a break from the problem and would like to play a game. Pick out an emotion that is tied in to the most appropriate feeling for the problem situation.

Step 3  For example: scared. Tell your child let’s start moving our body in a way that represents the emotion. So if it is scared, both you and your child might want to step back and hide. You may add some music and dance with your child.

Step 4 Once you and your child are calm. Go back to the previous situation. Let your child know “ I would like to talk about the problems we had.” I felt (add in feeling) when this (add in action), and I want to find a solution. Ask your child, “How did you feel__________?” Give them an opportunity to state their version, whether you agree with it or not. Redirect them and let them know how important it is to do what  you asked them to do, why and make your decision clear.

Note: It might not be as smooth, the first time, but continue to try this and as you make it a habit, it will really change the paradigm and approach to dealing with a problem and coming to a better understanding between you and your child.