For Non-Profits and organizations

Grow your non-profit’s outreach with an inclusive dance program that provides a place for every child. If it is your mission statement to be accessible, provide performing arts programs and to serve the community.. then, you should provide an inclusive outlet of expression through dance. With "Moves Made 4 Me" you would have a pre-built program with lesson plans and a laid out structure of class divisions for different age groups and all the materials needed to make this happen along with training for your staff. Yes you can probably start a program yourself with your staff, but the key to success is to understand the population you are working with and provide a program that is sustainable, organized and knowledgeable which requires a good curriculum. We have done the research for you, so you can focus on other aspects of your organization.


What if I want to open my own program and just want advice?

Sure, you can contact Veronica Vasquez via message or email and you can setup a paid consultation with her. She will hear about your ideal program, goals and will give you tools and custom information via phone; to get your individualized program running.

Is there any support provided after purchasing this program?

Yes there is.

How to purchase this program?

Fill out our interest form and we will get back to you to set up a screening call where we get more information on your interest in the program and how we can best accommodate our program to mold into your organization.

What does it mean to be licensed in "Moves Made 4 Me"

By becoming licensed with us, you are an authorized organization able to use the program during your license durationYou become a partner of Moves Made 4 Me™, you build credibility in dance education within your community and stand out as leader in inclusive dance education. You will have access to a pre-built program and to upcoming certified teachers and a team that is working on promoting and advertising the programs partners. 

Do you refund if the program does not work for us?

The initial fee is non-refundable, but you can stop the membership fee at anytime. Our program consists of giving you our formula for teaching dance, made for you lesson plans and marketing materials. It is up to you how you make use of this information and materials and we do not guarantee that the information or materials themselves will give you the results you imagine, but will give you training. It is all based on many factors including the effort you put into it.

How to purchase this program?

You can purchase online, but please do contact us via email or phone prior as every business package or need can vary and we want to make sure you receive the best fit of materials for your business.

Props and Class Materials

Our program offers props and class materials that are embedded in the lesson plans the program comes with and are very interactive and easy to plug in to your class.

Marketing and program setup

We offer made for you marketing materials from launching materials, event flyers and postcards.

Made for you lesson plans

We have 6 amazing classes in our program and each class has an individualized made for you lesson plan outlines that will take you through a school year of lessons.

All program curriculum and materials are solely owned by DanceMindsLLC and may not be replicated without permission from owner