A life-skills based dance program that utilizes dance for those who learn non-traditionally! This program is designed to illustrate movement for special needs students through developmental milestones. There are six classes within the program and each focuses on a different developmental milestone adapted for different age groups. Kids are introduced to a variety of dance styles in a scripted format and through curricular support we address emotions, class transitions, and self-regulations. So all kids can feel successful in the learning process.A Powerful Program like nothing you have seen before!.© Moves Made 4 Me 2019.


  1. Exploratory Moves™ Ages 12mon-24mon     length 30 min. (parent participation required)

    This class is designed to give your child an outlet of Exploration through movement. You and your explorer will discover these skills: hand-eye coordination, body awareness, language and balance while grooving to the music.

  2. Sensory Moves™ Ages 2.5-4                   length 45 min.

    This class is designed to help your child discover their sensory input through movement. Your child will strengthen their motor skills, regulate their sensory input/output and develop social interaction skills. There will be time limits and circuits used as a way to guide the movement structure.

  3. Fantasy Moves™ Ages 5-7                     length 45 min.

    This class is all about guiding your child’s cognitive development through the use of movement. Your child will have a safe avenue for their pretend play skills. We will work on muscle strength, muscle memory, and musicality awareness while learning various dance styles.

  4. Expressive Moves™ Ages 8-10                   length 45 min.

    This class is all about guiding your child’s emotional development and confidence in body expression and self-body confidence. Your child will have a safe avenue to practice dance improvisation, partner work, individual dance activities and emotions through movement. We will focus on the emotional process of movement.

  5. Mindful Moves™ Ages 11-17                 length 60 min.

    We want to give structure, foundation and body strength to the skills your child already develops. Each type of movement will strengthen very different areas of the body and brain. By combining mindfulness, dance, fitness and other types of movements we are exposing kids to be well rounded in movement technique, vocabulary, body composition and cognitive understanding of movement.

  6. LifeSkills Moves™       Ages 18+                  length 60 min.

    This class is designed to help adults with a disability to find their voice through movement by engaging in movement exercises that help develop peer interaction, self-esteem, outlet of self-expression, healthy emotion/body regulation and body spacial awareness. 


  1. Moves Made 4 Me™ Presentation

    Explore all the fun of Moves Made 4 Me classes with a taste of every class through our activities of 30 minutes for kids and a 15 minute hands on activity for parents to use at home.

  2. Moves Made 4 Me™ Party!

    All the Sensory and Movement fun combined from all of our all abilities dance classes into one fun event that includes one arts and craft plus it culminates with a “Disco Party.”


  • Sensory Moves Camp™ Ages 1-4 yrs (parent participation)

    Parents and little movers come explore movement using fun dance moves, arts and crafts and participate in fun interactive songs. Bring a snack and have lunch while socializing with other friends.

  • Moves Made 4 Me™ Summer Camp Ages 5-10 yrs

    All the Sensory and Movement fun combined from all of our all abilities dance classes into one camp. Kids will explore many dance styles through the lens of an explorer while engaging in arts and crafts, games and activities. There will be a lunch time and kids need to bring their own lunch in a bag. Please have your child wear clothes they can move comfortably in and a change of clothes.