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“When the benefits of dance and arts are implemented as tools for self development, it improves self-development by practicing:

expressing emotions, body regulations and social interaction.”

Veronica Vasquez-Founder of DanceMinds, LLC


join us for a moves made 4 me™ class

It’s engaging, developing, rich in life-skills, and it’s educational. We are not only a program, but we offer a life skills curriculum that utilizes dance for individuals with special needs.


offer moves made 4 me™ classes

Bring Moves made for me™ to your community and expand your business!

 teach moves made 4 me™ classes

Do you love to teaching dance and enjoy building confidence in people? then, why not learn to build confidence and make a difference in the lives of individuals who need the benefits of dance for every day living skills. Get trained in teaching a class that is free of judgement with elevated expectations!

Online training available now and live training available upon request.

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